Alienated Timelines II

Alienated Timelines II

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Alienated Timelines II

Albert Merino (Spain) –Visàvis, 2013, 5.05
Tessa Moult-Milewska (Poland) – Spiders and Flies, 2013, 3:30
Belen Paton (Spain) – Belfast Road Closed, 2013, 6:46
Shuai Cheng Pu (Taiwan) – Still Here, 2010, 4:50
Edward Ramsay-Morin (USA) – As Dreams Sometimes Do, 2013, 3: 19
Adrián Regnier Chávez (Mexico) – C of La Fuga, 2014, 4:56
Ausin Sainz (Spain) – The Unborn, 2014, 4:43
Mikio Saito (Japan) – Stripes Too Stripes, 2010, 8:33
Julie Skarland (Norway) – Angeline, 2013, 2:49
Ben Skea (UK) – Sleep Vessel, 2013, 2:43
Wojtek Skowron (Poland) – Beetles in Boxes, 2014, 3:56
Karolien Soete (Belgium) – Tempus Fugit , 2013, 3:53
Po-Wei Su (Taiwan)- Plastic Flowers, 2014, 2:56
Ramon Suau (Spain) – Xaoh, 2014, 4:17
Ozan Turkkan (Turkey) – Bipolar Fractal, 2013, 4.32
Adriano Vesicchelli (Italy) – Agent of Chaos, 2014, 3:51
Mizmor Watzman (Israel) – A Thing So Small, 2013, 9:00
Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – Home, Sweet Mome!, 2014, 2:59
Owen Eric Wood (Canada) – Corrida Autotopia, 2014, 5:00
Ezra Wube (Ethiopia) – Kaled, 2014, 6:10

Albert Merino (Spain)
Visàvis, 2013, 5.05
The history of a building where different stories converge

Albert Merino (Barcelona 1979) is a videoartist. He was graduated in Fine arts by the University of Barcelona and the Kunsthochshule Berlin Weißensee.
He lived in the cities of Barcelona, Berlin and Paris where he produced a series of video works portraying different aspects of the city and developing a broad imagi- nary, using the video as a tool to intervene on the ordinariness and to materialize imaginary scenes or Utopias. There uses a wide range of records, that go from the author’s pieces with one more character intimist one up to the videodance or the fictional documentary
He has being doing as well different video collaborations with different plastic artists or theatre groups as Fluchtkunst for the set designer Joachim Dam, the ‘Fura dels Baus’ or the performer Empara Roselló.
From his carrer is worth highlighting the solo exhibitions ‘La esencia de la piedra’ (2013) espacio Trapezio Madrid, or ‚La sombra de Lot’ (2012) capilla del pronillo, Santander, and the solo projections in the Art Center, Arts Santa Mónica of Barce- lona (Flux 2011/2013) and the Ateneu Barcelonés.
He take part of several group exhibitions as ‘Languages and Aesthetics of Spanish Video Art’ in the Songwon Art Center de Seoul, (2013) ‚On Videos’ Galleria Boccanera, Trento (2012) ‚Art Fónic’Sant Andreu Contemporani (2011) ‘Muestra Lumen Ex’ in the MEIAC of Badajoz (2011) and the biennals of Wroclaw, Poland (2013) and Cerveira, Portugal (2011) between others.
His work has been exhibited across several internationals festivals like the Region 0 Latino video festival of New York, Traverse Video, in the Musee des Abatoirs of Toulouse (2012/13), the Oslo screen Festival (2012), the Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo (2014), Optica Festival, Paris (2010), Now and After, Moscow (2012) FIVA III Buenos Aires (2013)… where he has been reognized with several prizes and men- tions: ‘First award Videoakt 03 Biennal of Vidaoart’(2013) ‘Best videowork Madatac award’(2012) ‘1st Award ‘minimaciones’ LUMEN-EX’(2011), and the first award in the videoart cathegory in the festivals: Close-up Vallarta (2012), Sassari Film Festival (2013) y BCN Visual Sound between others.
His work is part of private art collections in several countries and has been pre- sented in Art Fairs as Estampa (2008/13), Los Angeles Art Fair (2011) or Beijing Art Fair (2013)

Tessa Moult-Milewska (Poland)
Spiders and Flies, 2013, 3:30
“Spider and Flies” is an animated variation about a poem for children written by the polish author Jan Brzechwa. It tells the story of an old but cunning spider, eager for a meal. The story can also be read as a metaphor of a consumptive nature of developing towns.

Director, animator, cinematographer. Born 1.02.1990 in Welwyn Garden City, UK, rised in a bilingual family in Poznań. Poland. Post-graduate and scholar of the Warsaw Film School and Filmova Akademie Miroslava Ondricka v Pisku (2011) , specialization: film directing, her graduated film was the awarded animation “The Designer”. Owner of Indemind Studio, currently working on her official film debut “Kreatury”.

Belen Paton (Spain)
Belfast Road Closed, 2013, 6:46
Belfast Road Closed is a videodance forming part of the Cities Interpreted [Road Closed], a developing cross-cultural project that combines photo montage, painting and audiovisual techniques, developed by Belen Paton.
This project it is about different interpretations of towns and their intrinsic characteristics: their life and architecture and the preservation of their identity over time.
Organization and architecture are the key factors that lead to the creation of communities able to build its cultural identity and social changes and the cultural wealth of a city like Belfast leads me to explore the structure of the city.

Transdisciplinary artist: photography, painting, multidisciplinary installations, sound, audiovisual media. Graduate in Fine Arts (UGR, 2006) and Master’s degree in Art and Technology (UPV, 2007). In addition, I have carried out studies at the Académie Royale des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles (2004/2005) and received different awards and artistic scholarships and residencies in Spain and abroad like Park in Progress (World Event Young Artists, Nottingham 2012) and Digital Arts Studios (Belfast, 2013).

Shuai Cheng Pu (Taiwan)
Still Here, 2010, 4:50
I used to indulge myself in video games. Of all the games that I played, I was especially fond of online ones. For a frustrated youngster like me, online video games allowed me to live a new life as a different person in the virtual world. With this piece of video art, I hope to express a youngster’s stress in life and how he struggles to escape. The protagonist wears an orange jacket taken from a wardrobe. As if he were a flat-shaped superman, the man takes wicked actions to save others. In our lives, there are certain types of justice that we don’t dare to carry out. For instance, we witness something happen, or that something happens to us. Because we haven’t been brave, or because the timing is bad, we give up on interfering in it. We drive past a car accident scene, which is so bloody real, but we speed up and go away. But it is there; it never ceases to exist just because we run away from it. I believe that, when playing video games, we are given time and space to figure out why we don’t dare.

Pu Shuai Cheng graduated from National Taipei Art University, Taiwan. He was trained in Fine Art during the high school period. He suffered the melancholy, mental disorder, due to the environment of Taiwanese education in his early school days. Until art in general strengths defeated the hard circumstance and become a spring for his inspiration. He received his MA degree from the Art University with a major in New Media Art, some of his paintings were chosen for local exhibitions. Soon after, he pursues to make new artworks with new experimental equipment. Pu aims at video art as his nowadays ways of telling a story. He makes works based on his personal experiences and challenges the viewer to reconsider the inner world of individuality.

Edward Ramsay-Morin (USA)
As Dreams Sometimes Do, 2013, 3: 19
For this project I was interested in the metamorphosis of an idea; how a single seed can manifest itself in different layers and forms. At times, it is even easy to lose sense of the original thought. By employing imagery and movement that evoke a dream state, I hoped to create a sequence of animated collages that represent continuity as well as a stream-of-consciousness experience.

Edward Ramsay-Morin has been working in digital and electronic formats since the late 90’s, including generative media, collage animation, and stop-motion animation. His recent creative endeavors are informed by the imagery of scientific texts and educational media that he has been exposed to through public television, museums, journals and textbooks.
His work has been exhibited at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke Virginia, the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Video Art Festival Midden in Kalamata, Greece, and the BOX13 Artspace in Houston, Texas.

Adrián Regnier Chávez (Mexico)
C of La Fuga, 2014, 4:56
C. illustrates what happens when 30,000 atomic bombs are detonated on the face of Earth: for a brief moment, complex nuclear fission and fussion cycles begin.
For an infinitesimal fraction of a second, all matter and energy on Earth converges into one form, into all shapes and eventually into none. For the briefest moment suspended amidst a void of time, all things are all animals, and all animals want to say their goodbyes. These are the last words of animals that now rest in a nuclear cloud of absolute love. Forlorn is your light, dear atoms, lucid may your freedom be!

Adrian’s video work has been featured in more than 50 collective and individual art exhibits, animation, film and experimental video art festivals. In 2012, he won 1st place in 10th National Experimental Video Art, by Baja California’s Institute of Culture, 1st International Place in ICBC’s International Video art Festival Pantalla Global, as well as several other national and international acknowledgements, such as first place in international video art biennale, VideoBabel 2013. In 2013, he was awarded FONCA’S Jóvenes Creadores 2013-2014 grant for emerging video artists, as well as the Cisnero Fontanals Foundation 2014´s Grants & Commissions Program grant for emerging latin american artists

Ausin Sainz (Spain)
The Unborn, 2014, 4:43
The unborn.Nature is not perfect. Men can not give birth.

Ausin Sainz: Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in: Sculpture, Painting, Graphic Design and Communication Studies, University of Salamanca

Mikio Saito (Japan)
Stripes Too Stripes, 2010, 8:33
The ancestors of cinema (optical toys, early projection devices, and visual research at the pre-cinema time) had simple but indispensable factors for today’s visual devices, and they are magical and mysterious, though we are very used to seeing motion pictures. I tried to produce the characteristic movement of analog sort of way, and reproduce the illusion which moving image have originally had at the pre-cinema time.

Born in Sapporo, Japan, in 1978. Lives and works in Sapporo. Studied at University of Waseda in Tokyo, Japan (1996-2000), at Waseda Art And Architecture School in Tokyo, Japan (2000-2002). Master in fine Artes at Hochschule Fuer Bildende Kunste in Frankfurt, Germany(2007).

Julie Skarland (Norway)
Angeline, 2013, 2:49
Angeline is a stop motion, animation video, made out from embroideries. Its a spiritual fairytale, about inner transformation, to find your potential,

A Norwegian artist who lives and works in New Delhi.Before India, she lived in Paris, where she worked as a fashion designer with her own brand and boutique.Julie Skarland’s medium is: fashion, couture-crossover to art, embroideries, animation/stop-motion-video, and photography.

Ben Skea (UK)
Sleep Vessel, 2013, 2:43
Sleep Vessel attempts to explore and understand the three core processes of memory (encoding, storage and recall) by way of hand-drawn animation. Abstracted constructs, reassembled from automatic drawings created before and after sleep, take form as separate parts – evolving from one state to another. Organic line vessels become glowing containers for fluid movement – transformative shapes and cyclic actions reinforcing themes of stored impulses, muscle memory and lucid dreaming. These loops are finally broken when the process of retrieval begins – rapid stop motion drawings are juxtaposed with photography and mixed media collage representing the human form as it wakes from sleep.

Ben Skea is a visual artist working in a variety of media including digital printmaking, photography, video and experimental animation. His work primarily focuses on his interest in the cyclical, transformative nature of experience, memory and matter. He creates images where reality is suspended and fabrication and illusion are able to co-exist with the tangible. Skea studied Fine Art Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art, Scotland and Electronic Imaging at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee, Scotland. He has received awards worldwide and has exhibited internationally. He currently worked as a visual artist in Glasgow, Scotland.

Wojtek Skowron (Poland)
Beetles in Boxes, 2014, 3:56
This films is a visual interpretation of a part of Wittgenstein’s “private language argument”.

Wojtek Skowron: making animations ( since 2004
1988-2012 several photo journeys, for instance New York, Brasil, Argentina, Albania, Ucraine, since 1995 freelancer in graphic design in Berlin
(, 1985-1995 in Stuttgart – working as photo lab technician, lithographer and graphic designer,
Since 1983 in Germany, 1978 – 1983 studies in architecture in Gdansk, 1959 born in Drawsko, Poland

Karolien Soete (Belgium)
Tempus Fugit , 2013, 3:53
Another chapter in the Talking Walls series.
Made in an office of an old abandoned furniture factory in Ghent Belgium. The buildings are planned to be demolished by the end of the year.

Seeking to work in more open air spaces than my current studio, and wanting to incorporate my love and work with film and moving images, I next experimented with various animation techniques. First came a series of photo- graphic self portraits with a spiraling camera, then some lighthearted short films with a doll from my childhood, followed by practices with different wall animations in my home studio and in a studio in an abandoned school in Ghent. I set out to ‘visualize’ my thoughts in moving mural animations. Using the walls, floor, ceiling I created, frame by frame, with acrylics and ink, a digital still camera, and computer editing software the film sequences.

Po-Wei Su (Taiwan)
Plastic Flowers, 2014, 2:56
What is the difference between being alive and truly living?
Is it just having heartbeat and legally being alive? Or it can be finding a silence breathing space to staying in your life.
People following and prying for religions, cause they want to reconsider the whole life to the brand new alive world.

Po Wei Su: Brain storm→Mind map→Concept setting →Shooting Stage →Post – Production House.

Ramon Suau (Spain)
Xaoh, 2014, 4:17
“Everybody’s doing something, we will do nothing “(Seinfield). And better if we do (not do) it without knowing why. XAOH experiments on non-intervention in the creative process: I record a random time sequence, then I ask an audio work to a musician without giving any guideline and a programmer causes that the video becomes self generated. Yes, we do have within our reach all the technological resources, but does it mean we have to use them? XAOH breaks the rules and focuses on the (non) decision-making with the idea of demystify the figure of the artist as sole creator of the work, becoming invisible.

Visual artist, always with a slight accent of a painter, he works from the video and, at the same time, fits in other resources such as photography, drawings, or the expanded painting. Seduced by a kind of chaotic atractor, he goes in depth in the mechanisms of concretion of the image and in the loss of information, always with a core idea: “To do without knowing why”.
Insatiable traveller, in the adondeiremosaparar project he works as a photographer and gathers information on video of the experiences of other travellers. With lines, a draw series, he charts each itinerary from a place to another. As a cultural agitator he’s new bet is the project Mentepensante.

Ozan Turkkan (Turkey)
Bipolar Fractal, 2013, 4.32
Bipolar Fractal is an abstraction in moving images on bipolar states of mind.
Alternating episodes between mania and depression, ascending and descending states of experience are processed through geometrical mutations and dynamic movements of Rutt Etra-like synthesized fractal forms and corresponding frequencies of sounds.
Bipolar Fractal works with how abject information and aberrant signals mark destabilizing moments within the same system that it captures or banishes errant expressions.

Brussels and Istanbul based new media artist, was born in Tekirdağ (Thrace), Turkey. He worked many years in the field of multimedia and digital art in different countries in Europe, Istanbul and the U.S. Before the very first steps in digital media, he studied different art disciplines in Istanbul, Philadelphia, and Salamanca, at the University of Salamanca. He received his Masters in Multimedia at BAU (Escola Superior de Disseny) in Barcelona, where he lived and worked many years as a new media artist. His work is centered mainly in experimental and digital media, and specifically in visual complexity, generative computer art, algorithmic art, fractal geometry, experimental video and interactivity. He is using new computer tools, algorithms and generative grammar programming languages to generate still and moving art works and he develops interactive media installations.

Adriano Vesicchelli (Italy)
Agent of Chaos, 2014, 3:51
Agent of Chaos intent is to lure the audience into a journey within the world of Chaos.Creating something sensitive and conceptual, we raise our sense of belonging and identity to the human race.Changing our point of view of the surrounding environment, we must identify our society as a living organism in which human beings interact equally despite their social class or behaviour.

Adriano Vessichelli is an animator based in London. Coming from a small town in Italy, he started an MA Charater Animation at Central Saint Martin in 2011. His first year animation “Odio” has been awarded at the Holland Animation Film Festival and published on The Space project. 2.

Mizmor Watzman (Israel)
A Thing So Small, 2013, 9:00
Outside a small house nestled among mountains, a little girl named Lali happily plays. An autumn breeze brings death with it. Lali, curious and innocent, finds herself grappling with the death of the grandmother she loved.

Mizmor Watzman, was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. She is a graduate of Sapir College in the department of animation studies. Her graduate film “A thing so small” has been screened in more then thirteen so far and has won “best production” in Cinema South Film Festival, and got special mentions in Haifa International Film Festival, and Rehovot International woman’s film festival in Israel.

Susanne Wiegner (Germany)
Home, Sweet Mome!, 2014, 2:59
The film shows the immediate, destrucive impact to a home by usual , everyday disturbances, that we create, watch and suffer at the same time.

Susanne Wiegner studied architecture at the Academy of fine Arts in Munich and at Pratt Institute in New York City. She works as an architect and 3D-artist in Munich, Germany. In addition to projects in real space, for several years she has been creating 3D computer animations dealing with literature and with virtual space. Venues where her work have been shown include the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, the ZKM in Karlsruhe, the Art + Technology Center EYEBEAM in New York City, festivals in Marseille, Rotterdam, Berlin, Athens, Lisbon, Copenhagen, New Delhi, Damascus, Beirut, Vienna, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Macau, Sao Paulo, London etc. In 2011 her film “just midnight” was the winner of the festival award “la parola immaginata” in Bergamo, Italy and in 2012 her film “at the museum” won the Ballon-Prize at crosstalk VideoArtFestival 2012, Budapest, Hungary.

Owen Eric Wood & Brent Lee (Canada)
Corrida Autotopia, 2014, 5:00
At the base of the Ambassador Bridge crossing to the United States, Huron Church Road in Windsor, Canada is one of the busiest truck routes in North America. This audio-visual collaboration compresses time by manipulating images and sounds in order to express a sense of the over-crowded mental space we occupy in contemporary urban life.

Owen Eric Wood (b. 1977, Toronto, Canada) has established a signature style through his video self-portraits. In the past five years, his videos, installations and performances have showcased in 30 countries at more than 100 video, film and media art festivals. He has won awards and received honourable mentions at festivals in Italy, Japan, Argentina, Portugal, France and Canada.

Ezra Wube (Ethiopia)
Kaled, 2014, 6:10
A stop action mural painting animation.

Ezra Wube (b. 1980, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), received his BFA in painting from Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, and an MFA from
Hunter College, New York, NY. Based in Brooklyn, NY his works encompassing video, installations, drawing, painting and performance.
Ezra’s work references to shifting time and place